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An Athlete’s Bathroom

An Athlete’s Bathroom

6 November 2013 4:00 am
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I recently wrote a post called An Athlete’s Kitchen, for pros and every day competitors alike. In it, I introduced the concept of the elite kitchen that can help you achieve peak performance.

This post is about recovery. Every athlete needs to recharge, refresh and let his or her muscles relax after a workout or competition. That calls for a bathroom that will help you achieve those goals. Enter… The “bathroom coach.”  Let’s get started turning your bath into a space as optimized as its owner!

Ath Bath - Michael Mark - MARSOC - SDOCR

Elite racers deserve elite bathrooms
(Photo Courtesy:  San Diego Obstacle Course Racing)

Fixture Fitness

You already know how awesome it feels to step under a stream of warm water after a challenging workout or major race. Your muscles are sore and tight. The shower feels great. It could be even greater! A hand-held shower head with massage settings can hit tight muscles with a pulsing spray for targeted relief. There are many models on the market, and you don’t need to remodel your bath to include one. The newest offer water savings and style, as well as high performance.

If you are planning a bathroom remodeling project, two options to consider are programmable and steam showers. Programmable showers let you pre-set the water temperature, mode and volume, so a simple click gets you instant relief.

Steam showers offer numerous health benefits, including skin hydration, improved breathing and soothing sore muscles. It also gives you the relaxation rewards of a spa tub, but uses only a gallon of water, rather than 60 or 70 gallons.  M any of the latest models offer programmability, as well as music and aromatherapy integration.  These are the sky boxes of showering!

Another fixture to consider is a sink faucet with water purification. Think about it: your bathroom sink is where you wash your face, brush your teeth and wash down your vitamins and supplements. Chances are, you have water purification in your kitchen. Shouldn’t you also have it in your bathroom?

Tankless water heaters are also worth considering, as they’ll ensure a steady supply of hot water in a crowded household, for those long post-mud run showers!

Ath Bath - DTV - Kohler

 Programmable showers offer luxurious personalization
(Photo Courtesy:  Kohler)

Storage Stars

Bathroom storage has come a long way! You can now catch the weather forecast for your triathlon while shaving at the sink, or charge your iPhone while flossing, all in your medicine cabinet!

A space-saving pull-out can organize your hygiene supplies for convenient access before an event, and drawer organizers can keep your gear better stowed.

Ath Bath - TVid - Robern

 New generation medicine cabinets incorporate media
(Photo Courtesy:  Robern)

Safety Stars

You do what you can to minimize injuries when you train and compete. But are you doing the same at home? Bathrooms are prime spots for mishaps, and they don’t just impact seniors and children. Here are some steps you can take to reduce your risk of an accidental setback:

  • Make sure your vent fan is working properly to avoid mold sickness;
  • Add a decorative grab bar to your tub and shower areas to avoid a painful fall;
  • Replace smooth, slick flooring with a slip-resistant textured tile, or add a slip-resistant coating if replacement isn’t an option;
  • Maximize your lighting, especially in the shower and sink areas where you’re likeliest to cut yourself shaving.

GR - Grab Bar - Moen

Safety can be stylish, too
(Photo Courtesy:   Moen)

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for advice on updating or remodeling your bathroom, please contact me about a local or long-distance consultation, depending on your location.


Client bath with TV, spa tub, dual shower heads
(Photo Courtesy:  Jamie Gold Kitchen and Bath Design)


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