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Warning: Connected appliance/smart home feature security risks

Warning: Connected appliance/smart home feature security risks

5 October 2016 6:26 pm
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I’ve written often and generally positively about the connectivity trend.  Homes and appliances are getting smarter in their capabilities, which creates some nice conveniences for homeowners. Unfortunately, it seems, the Internet of Things is apparently also creating terrific conveniences for hackers.  These connection points often lack sufficient security, experts say, which is enabling access to our other connected devices — like our computers — and creating real risks.

This article in today’s San Diego Union-Tribune explains the risks in some detail.  I’d like to hear from the appliance manufacturers and other home products manufacturers about what they’re doing to better secure their products so we don’t put our financial and personal lives at risk to enjoy their benefits.

In the meantime, I suggest the following to readers:

  • Create unique passwords for any appliances or other smart home features you’re connecting to your router.
  • Create or change your router’s security password to be unique from all others.
  • Don’t buy smart devices you really don’t need.
  • When contemplating smart appliances or other smart home features, be sure to question the sales representative and/or manufacturer about the security they’re including. Don’t buy unless you’re confident in what you’re hearing.  (Ask for objective advice from experts if you need it.)

Samsung Fridge

Smart appliances create conveniences for you — and maybe hackers, too!
(Photo Courtesy: Samsung Appliances)


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