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Earth Day 2015 – Saving water at home

22 April 2015

Earth Day 2015 – Saving water at home

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Earth Day began in the 1970s as something of a fringe movement.  Decades later, it’s not only mainstream, but its ethos of saving water and energy is mandated by many local governments.

I live in California, which has been in drought mode for years.  Saving water is not only something nice to do for Mother Earth, but the law!

So here are some tips from my latest Pinterest Board on how to do that in your house.  Some are remodeling-oriented. Some are FREE TIPS that are not dependent on remodeling.  In other words, you can save water without spending a dime!

Earth Day 2015 Cover

A hands-free faucet can save water in your kitchen or bathroom
(Photo Courtesy: Moen Incorporated)

Arizona Inspirations

8 April 2015

Arizona Inspirations

houzz interior design ideas

I’m on vacation this week!  Here are some of the views I’m enjoying in an Arizona Inspirations Pinterest Board!

AZ Inspirations Cover

The Grand Canyon:  Nature in all her majesty
(Photo Courtesy:  Creative Commons)

Next week, I’ll be at Coverings.  Enjoy the preview post I created for that event.