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Independence Day Inspirations

1 July 2015

Independence Day Inspirations

houzz interior design ideas

What does Independence Day mean to you?  Here’s my take on it in a new Pinterest Board.  The sentiments and images may surprise you.  Hint:  It’s not just about flags for me, but I do like this one!


Independence Day is not just about the red, white and blue
(Photo Courtesy: Kohl’s)

NKBA Top Kitchen Design Trends

24 June 2015

NKBA Top Kitchen Design Trends

houzz interior design ideas

My professional group, the National Kitchen & Bath Association, compiled a pretty cool trend survey.  Here are the kitchen findings:

Clean with an overall contemporary feeling
European-styled cabinets
Multiples of appliances in one kitchen (e.g., dishwashers)
Steam ovens
Furniture-look pieces
Outdoor kitchens
Counters or tall gathering tables
TVs and docking stations
Wine refrigerators
Universal design


Trend #2: European-styled cabinets
(Photo Courtesy: Poggenpohl)

I think that’s a pretty nifty list, especially number 10.  It’s great that more kitchens are being designed for users of all ages and accessibility levels.  If you’re interested in having your kitchen redesigned, please contact me for a local (in the San Diego area) or virtual consultation:  619-796-2217.  If you’d like to see these trends illustrated and with designer commentary, please visit my latest Pinterest Board on the survey.

FYI, the trend list was excerpted from a terrific PCBC blog post by Nigel F. Maynard. Here’s a link to the full text.