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Six Favorite Design-related Websites

30 July 2014

Six Favorite Design-related Websites

houzz interior design ideas

I spend a ton of time online — and am glad I became a kitchen and bath designer in the Internet age!

Here are “six” of my favorite design-related websites, in honor of Gold Notes’ Sixth Anniversary.  (I put the quotation marks around six because one of the entries is the collective Blogger 19 sites.)

Some of my choices might surprise you, but that’s ok.  I like surprising people.


I look at this one as the Google of interior design.  Looking for product or room types — enter them in the Houzz.com search engine and you’ll surely find at least three.  I used this one to find images for my book when I was writing it, and to gather client ideas, as well.  I’ve also written numerous featured Ideabooks on Houzz.

Apartment Therapy

I like AT for the same reasons.  It’s a giant database of ideas and inspiration, with some very fresh and unique perspectives from urban homeowners.


I love their relaxed style and enjoy browsing their site for new products and trends.  Pottery Barn is not edgy or cool; what they do best is easy and classic.  I’ll take both!


Not a design site, per se, but I like getting a good indication of what’s happening in any given neighborhood.  Realtor.com is a good resource to look at if you’re considering remodeling, as well as buying.  I’ve also used it when writing my occasional Gold Coast series on notable neighborhoods around the country.  Look for a new GC on one of my favorite neighborhoods anywhere soon!

Blogger 19 sites

Many of the blogs on the right-hand column belong to Blogger 19 members.  This group came together in February 2010 at a Brizo new products demo, tied into New York’s Fashion Week.  Blogger and friend Paul [...]

Six Design (and Life) Lessons from my Mother

23 July 2014

Six Design (and Life) Lessons from my Mother

houzz interior design ideas

My mother, Sandy Trief, was not a professional designer.   What she did have was a wonderful eye for putting a home (and herself) together.

I learned so many valuable lessons growing up as her daughter – though I didn’t appreciate them all at the time!  This Sunday would have been her 78th birthday, falling  each year within Gold Notes’ month-long anniversary observances.

This year, I thought I’d combine celebrating my blog’s Sixth Anniversary with my mother’s birthday by sharing six of my favorite “Mom-isms.”

6 Mom - DR

The chairs, table and chandelier I grew up with
(Photo Courtesy:  Christina Chung/Coldwell Banker)