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Design blogger’s home-related bucket list

2 September 2015

Design blogger’s home-related bucket list

houzz interior design ideas

Many clients I work with have their “bucket list” items to incorporate into their kitchens or bathrooms.  For some, it’s an iconic Wolf range.  For others, it’s a luxurious jetted tub.

These are mine, many inspired by my childhood, travels or love of relaxed living.  I do plan to build a “Sensible Style” home with low-maintenance finishes, energy and water-saving appliances and appropriate scale.  (I entertain on a casual, small scale, so I don’t need a massive space.)

Feel free to share your own home-related bucket list items, either on the Pinterest Board attached, or in comments below.  Perhaps I can help you source them.  FYI, please click the headline of this post to activate the links.

Not So Big House Elevation (Plan L-97125-TUDA)

Jamie’s Not So Big Dream House
(Photo Courtesy:  NotSoBigHouse.com)

Fire Protection at Home

26 August 2015

Fire Protection at Home

houzz interior design ideas

Seeing coverage from the Western fires makes me so sad!  So many lives impacted, so many beautiful trees destroyed.  You don’t want your home damaged, if at all possible. Here are some tips to protect your home from both wildfires and house fires.


Reduce the chance of losing your home to a fire with these tips
(Photo Courtesy: US Fish andWildlife Service SE/Creative Commons)

Wild fire protection

Create and maintain a defensible non-combustible zone around your house.  The Desert Sun has more on this topic.  Click here for the link.

Interior home protection

Most folks think about the American Red Cross when an earthquake or hurricane strikes, but the most common emergency they help at is the residential house fire.  While you can’t prevent your neighbor from being reckless, you can protect your own home.  Here are some tips that can save your family, pets and property:

Have a fire extinguisher in or near your kitchen, and know how to use it.
Have working smoke alarms and test them regularly.
Don’t overload electrical outlets; best to plug appliances directly into the wall.
Have a working kitchen vent fan and keep its filters clean.
Stay close by when you’re cooking on the stove top.
Don’t put curtains close to a stove top.
Don’t put anything combustible near a space heater or fireplace.
Don’t smoke in bed.
Keep matches locked away if you have children living or visiting your home.