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It’s International Bacon Week!

27 August 2014

It’s International Bacon Week!

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I like bacon.  I’ll bet you like bacon, too.  Do you make it at home or just enjoy it when you’re out?  Here are some cooking tools you might want to have on hand when you do make bacon at your place.

Bacon - Meme - Knowyourmeme.com

Need I say more?
(Photo Courtesy:  knowyourmeme.com)

Creating Peaceful Spaces at Home

20 August 2014

Creating Peaceful Spaces at Home

houzz interior design ideas

There’s a lot of chaos going on in the world right now.  Gaza, Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, even Missouri, for heaven sake!

Perhaps there’s a bit of chaos kicking up its feet in your home, too.  Phones jangle.  Children fight.  TVs blare.  Mail piles up.  So do the unending demands on your ever-shrinking time… Or so it seems.

This post is dedicated to creating a quiet space within your home for a peaceful escape, a sanctuary for your sanity.  It should offer you a refuge from unwelcome noise, clutter, distractions and work.   Here’s how I suggest creating such a place within your home.

Choose an unused guest room if you have one, or any little-used room where you can close the door.  If that’s not possible, turn your master bedroom into such a sanctuary.  You want to be able to shut out the sounds and sights from the rest of the house, if only for a short, re-charging respite.

Paint it a cool, soothing color, like a soft blue or green.

Retreat - Blue Bedroom - Behr

Ocean-inspired walls calm the spirit
(Photo Courtesy:  Behr)