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Inspirations for a client bath – #1 Surfaces

27 May 2015

Inspirations for a client bath – #1 Surfaces

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My project partner and I are getting started on another client bathroom project.  As I ponder choices for the space, I’ll be sharing them in Pinterest Boards, like this first one for Surfaces.  There’s a lot to pull together and some unique challenges — like a master bath floor that isn’t tile or wood.  I often “think out loud.” This is the visual equivalent of thinking out loud.  As we get further into the project, (starting with the toughest element, most likely, non-tile/non-wood flooring), we’ll be building on the must-haves.  Next week’s board will focus on the faucets, lighting and accessories, inspired by the bedroom’s Asian-styled bedside lamps.  Yes, this will be an eclectic project!

Inspirations #1 - Surfaces

Possible paint color for client bath
(Photo Courtesy:  BHG.com)

Guest Bath Enhancements

20 May 2015

Guest Bath Enhancements

houzz interior design ideas

Are you expecting company this season?  If you’ve got a guest bath, make it better, safer and more welcoming with these tips from my latest Pinterest Board.

RI - shade - SN

How would visitors rate your guest bath?
(Photo Courtesy: Smith + Noble)