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NIFTY NUGGETS – Umbra’s Barrel Shower Caddy

NIFTY NUGGETS – Umbra’s Barrel Shower Caddy

10 May 2017 4:00 am
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Not everyone has a shower niche to hold personal items.  Some folks have a narrow ledge that holds little, and is often directly in the spray zone.  That’s OK for shaving cream, but not razors.  It works fine for shampoo, but not soap.  Up until now, your only alternatives were stacking your items in the corner of your tub or shower floor or an incredibly ugly shower caddy.  Yuck to both!

Now you do have a nice alternative.  Accessories maker Umbra has come out with a stylish shower caddy that will work with many contemporary bathroom styles.  It’s not as low cost as many on the market, but it will deliver a much better look to your bathroom.  Considering that this is an item you’ll likely keep for years, the price difference between a $15 basic model at Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond and the $40 Umbra Barrel Shower Caddy will be minimal over time.

Spiff up your bathroom with this stylish new caddy
(Photo Courtesy:  Umbra)

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