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Guest Post on Bathroom Remodeling from a Resale Perspective with Trulia

Guest Post on Bathroom Remodeling from a Resale Perspective with Trulia

I recently shared tips from real estate firm Trulia on updating your kitchen for resale.  Here are their insights on doing the same for your bathroom.

For most Americans, the master bathroom is a cherished area, where homeowners yearn for the chicest amenities. Not only are they popular renovation projects from a personal standpoint, but bathroom remodels continue to be one of the best investments for a homeowner; however, they don’t come without a hefty price tag. Remodeling Magazine’s annual cost vs. value study found that a full bathroom remodel ranged anywhere from $20,644 to $62,114 in a high cost area like San Diego, where I live.

Faucet updates are easy and high impact.
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Renovating Bathrooms on a Budget

While remodel costs might make a few mouths drop, it shouldn’t stop you from creating your dream bathroom. Instead of investing $62,000 on a new master bathroom, a homeowner can select smaller,  less expensive master bathroom projects that yield a high return on investment. How can you retain the highest ROI for your bathroom renovations? Consider these steps in order:

  1. Estimate your home value. You want to get an idea of the value of your home right now and the percentage of that which is credited to your master bathroom. Breaking it down into percentages allows you to better understand how much you should be allocating on a renovation.
  2. Find the median listing price of the surrounding homes. You don’t want to renovate a bathroom that will put you highly over the average home value in your area. This can make your house unmarketable in the future.
  3. Breakdown costs within the bathroom. To determine how much you want to spend on each project within the master bathroom, it’s important to understand the breakdown of bathroom remodel costs. On average, installation will cost a homeowner 20 percent of a total bathroom remodel cost. Other percentages are as follows: cabinetry and hardware will be roughly 16 percent, fixtures equate to 15 percent, and faucets and plumbing are 14 percent.   


Master Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Pairing your financial situation, with the chic styles trending in San Diego, here are four renovation projects that will not only yield a high ROI, but provide luxury and freshness to your bathroom:

  • Steam shower heads – A steam shower head creates the feel of a customized spa experience and offers a healthier alternative, making this a huge trend in San Diego. It is an easy alternative to replacing your entire shower, and can give you an entirely new showering experience.  (In most cases, this is not a DIY project!)
  • Update faucets – Organic shapes with a playful simplicity are a huge trend in San Diego faucets and will be more cost effective than replacing the entire sink. A quick upgrade can give your master bathroom a new look, at a lower cost.  (Sink faucets are the easiest to update, as long as you maintain the same type of installation.  Hands-free faucets are great for reducing germs and water waste.)
  • Rewash walls – Rewash and repainting walls is a low-cost project that yields incredible results. A quick paint job that focuses on neutrals and whites can give a master bathroom the fresh, euphoric look you are looking for.
  • Hardware changes – San Diego master bathrooms are now seeing a return to the more classic glamour of gold, bronze and brass, as opposed to copper and rose gold. A simple switch of knobs and towel racks will create a posh look for your space.


Katie Bassett with Trulia was the author of this blog post. Editing by Jamie Gold of Gold Notes.

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