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An Athlete’s Mud Room

An Athlete’s Mud Room

22 January 2014 4:00 am
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Regular Gold Notes readers know that I’ve gotten involved in the obstacle racing community, and will be running my first Spartan Race this weekend.  Based on the training I’ve been doing since last June for this event, and for my first GORUCK in March, I know there will be lots of mud to clean up afterward.

Trail runners and many other athletes also have to deal with messes after their training and events.  This week’s Athlete’s Mud Room post is designed to help you clean up in style!  Take a look at my Athlete’s Kitchen and Athlete’s Bathroom posts for more helpful tips on designing your home to support your best performance.

AthMud - Michael Mark

My obstacle racing coach, Michael Mark
(Photo Courtesy: San Diego Obstacle Course Racing)

Starting point

A mud room needs a durable, extremely low-maintenance floor that can handle moisture as well as your body does.  This is not where you want to install premium Brazilian cherry plank.

Some options include rubber, tile or stained concrete.  If you opt for tile, I strongly recommend going with either rectified porcelain, which minimizes grout, or one of the newest floating tile floors that use no grout at all.  I saw those on display at Cersaie last September and they’re heading to North America this season.

AthMud - Flexco Rubber Flooring

Rubber is a low-maintenance, moisture-friendly floor
(Photo Courtesy: Flexco Floors)

Storage solutions

Analyze what you have in the way of athletic gear and choose a system that will put it all in its proper place.  There are closed and open systems, shelves, baskets and hooks.  Chances are, you’re going to need a combination of those to organize your supplies.

A professional organizer can help you choose the best system and layout for your space.  Or go onto one of the sites like Gladiator GarageWorks, and create your own.  Your mud room may, in fact, be part of your garage.  That’s where I hose down, dry out and store my obstacle racing shoes.  Even my muddy clothes get hosed down, then brushed when dry, before they go into my washing machine.

AthMud - Gladiator Entry

A flexible storage system is essential
(Photo Courtesy: Gladiator GarageWorks)

 Coming Clean

You’re also going to need a good washer and dryer for your clothing after your training and events.  A high efficiency front loader would be my recommendation, as it delivers the best results while using the least amount of water.  If you’re tight on space, as I am in my laundry area, you can get a stacking kit.

Many washer/dryer sets, (used without stacking kits), have optional companion pedestals that can elevate them to a more ergonomic height, as well as store supplies inside.

AthMud - Gladiator Laundry

 A well-organized laundry space is a great recovery tool
(Photo Courtesy: Gladiator GarageWorks)

A laundry sink is also extremely helpful, if you have the hookups available.  If your sport is as messy as mine, you might opt for a more industrial style freestanding model, rather than build it into fancy cabinets.

If your garage is doing double duty as a mudroom, then a hose attached to a spigot will be extremely useful.

I also like having a utilitarian doormat between my garage and my home.  It reduces the dirt being tracked inside.

AthMud - Utility Sink - Julien

 A utility sink or hose is another post-race MVP
(Photo Courtesy: Julien)


Last Words

If there’s no new Gold Notes post published next week, it means that I didn’t achieve my goal of not killing myself at the Spartan Sprint this weekend, and it’s been great writing for you these past five and a half years.  I strongly suspect that I will not only complete it successfully, but enjoy myself immensely in the process.

Jamie at Spartan WOD (1-19-14)

 Jamie (in tree) at OCR training workout
(Photo Courtesy:  Riza Eramis Springer for Team SISU)

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