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Beat the Heat Home Design Ideas

Beat the Heat Home Design Ideas

17 September 2014 6:00 am
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Southern California is experiencing a heat wave beyond any I’ve felt here in the four and half years since I moved to San Diego.  I’m very glad that Chez J has AC, but not all of my friends’ homes do.  For them, and for all of my readers who just want to feel cooler, here are some design-related tips.

Cover up

Thermal-lined window panels or solar shades will keep your home cooler, especially the side that gets the most sun.  They’re available in different styles for different decors.

Heat0914 - Solar Shade - SmithNoble

 Solar shades add to a room’s “cool” factor
(Photo Courtesy: Smith + Noble)

Get fans

I’m talking about the kind that direct cool air down on a room’s occupants, not the kind you accumulate on social media.  A ceiling fan can make a room far more comfortable, even without air conditioning.  They also add a great style statement to your space.  Chez J came with two, one in the master and one in the living room.  I added one in the second bedroom and one in the office.  Both got Maestro switches, which I highly recommend.  Here’s a good fan sizing guide from Energy Star.

Heat0914 - Fans - BigAssFans

Fans add style and comfort to a room
(Photo Courtesy: Big Ass Fans)

Cook differently

Gas and electric cooktops are extremely inefficient.  Much of their heat escapes into your kitchen, rather than going into the pot.  If an induction cooktop or range is not in your budget right now, consider a portable induction burner as a supplemental cooking source.  It will serve you well throughout the holiday season, too.

Heat0914 - Portable Induction - Fagor

Induction burners won’t heat up your kitchen
(Photo Courtesy: Fagor)


Colors are rated warm or cool.  Choose cool colors like blues, greens or grays for rooms where you spend the most time.  While they won’t drop the room’s actual temperature, they’ll make it seem cooler.

Heat0914 - Teal Bedroom - Behr

Paint your room a cool color
(Photo Courtesy:  Behr)

Pare down

Reduce clutter for a cooler-feeling room.  The less “stuff” you have in a space, the cooler it will feel.  Safely storing the throws and furry pillows until the weather chills will make the room physically, as well as visually, feel cooler, too.

Heat0914 - Pared Down Sofa - West Elm

 Clutter-free means a cooler space
(Photo Courtesy:  West Elm)

Change your lighting

Swap out your incandescent bulbs for cooler LED versions.  They don’t get hot, and they won’t burn a hole in your energy bill either.  LEDs now come in bulbs, recessed cans and lighting fixtures.  They’ve also gotten dimmable and less expensive.

DODP2014 - Cerno

LED lighting is energy efficient and cool-burning
(Photo Courtesy:  Cerno)


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