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Food for Thought #13: What if Aging in Place became Athlete in Place?

Food for Thought #13: What if Aging in Place became Athlete in Place?

24 September 2014 9:27 pm
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Earlier in my design career, I earned a professional designation called Certified Aging in Place Specialist from the National Association of Home Builders.  Its purpose is worthwhile – help people stay in their own homes longer – and speaks to my mission in life of creating safe, inviting spaces for people.

The problem is, no one likes the “A word.”  Heck, I don’t like it myself!  I’m in my early 50s and more active, healthy (knock wood) and energetic than I’ve been in 20 years.

Spartan Super - Head shot

Getting ready to run a Spartan Race this year
(Photo Courtesy: Personal Collection)

This is true for many of my AARP-aged clients and friends, as well.  We participate in increasingly longer road and trail races, rigorous endurance events and ridiculously-challenging obstacle course races.  This is not our parents’ or grandparents’ 50s!

We’ve become athletes, though many of us will never earn podium finishes.  We train, we participate, we compete, and we nurse aches and pains from our efforts to an equal or greater degree than we do from arthritis.  We may not be getting any younger, but we’re doing everything in our power to live as youthfully as possible.

What does all of this have to do with kitchen and bath design, you ask?  More than you’d imagine.  The flooring you choose has an impact on your feet, knees, hips and back when you spend hours doing meal prep on it.  The vent fan either serves your hard-working lungs well when you use it, or it isn’t serving you at all.  The appliances and storage systems either support your efforts to stay healthy, or they make it harder.  There’s much more, too, but I’ve already written at length on this topic in my Athlete’s Series posts, (linked below).

Is your kitchen an MVP?
(Photo Courtesy:
Jamie Gold Kitchen and Bath Designs, LLC)

Your bathroom is either a safe, calm, healing refuge to clean up after an event, or it’s a broken hip waiting to happen.  And a broken hip can land you in a rehab hospital faster than you can say ‘finish line.’

There are ways to make your kitchen and bath MVPs in the long, healthy life you want to enjoy in your home, rather than spending your “masters” years in a retirement home.  They just need a coach or trainer the way your workouts and runs do!

5 Bath Questions - Kohler Programmable Shower

Is your bathroom jock-worthy?
(Photo Courtesy:  Kohler)

So I’m redefining Aging in Place as Athlete in Place for readers and clients who lead an active life and want their fitness, nutrition and, yes, home environment, too, to support their goals.  Here are the posts I’ve written in the Athlete Series on Gold Notes earlier this year:

Once you’ve read them and gotten some ideas, you can contact me at 619-796-2217 or jamie@jgkitchens.com to schedule an in-person or personalized online consultation.

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  • James Guanzon

    Great Post Jamie! While retirement is off in the distance, I’m still preparing now for making aging in place more comfortable. Ideally that means a house with no stairs! 😀 But before I move, I might want to improve the house I’m in to make Athlete-ing in Place more pleasant…

  • James Guanzon

    PS: Congrats on becoming GRT! It’s all mental in the end! You were already READY when you finished ABSOC! 😀

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