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Food For Thought #17: Why I Blog  (on the Occasion of Gold Notes’ 500th Post)

Food For Thought #17: Why I Blog  (on the Occasion of Gold Notes’ 500th Post)

7 March 2018 4:00 am
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I started this blog 10 years ago, two years after beginning my design journalism career and four years after becoming a kitchen and bath designer, because I wanted the opportunity to write about topics an editor wouldn’t necessarily assign. 

I happened to meet a design blogger at an NKBA leadership conference and was curious about this new medium. It didn’t take me long to figure that blogging would give me my own platform to ponder life from a designer’s point of view, and design from my Sensible Style point of view. I also wanted to write in my own voice, which was tougher to do as a newbie magazine and newspaper design writer than it is for me to do now, a decade later.

I didn’t anticipate in 2008 that Gold Notes would take me to New York Fashion Week, Germany’s Living Kitchen event twice, a Napa and Sonoma wine country outing, Newport Beach and so many other fabulous places and events to see new products and trends. I didn’t know I’d be among the original Blogger 19 with some of the top kitchen and bath design bloggers in the world. I also didn’t know that blogging would lead to national publishing opportunities, including two books on design.

Brizo’s Blogger 19 – Original Group at Fashion Week 2010 with Fashion Designer Jason Wu
(Photo Courtesy: Brizo)

All of that extra writing has meant that Gold Notes is often a repository of late for my article links, rather than original copy. I still enjoy writing these Food for Thought posts, though, as well as sharing my Pinterest Boards and trade show impressions. I also enjoy sharing new products in Molten Gold and the occasional real estate feature in Gold Coast.

Here are some of my favorite posts from the past decade:

What will the next 500 posts cover? I have no idea at this point! This is very much a personal, spontaneous journey. I know I’ll be sharing my thoughts on topics that other bloggers aren’t necessarily covering, because they interest, excite or infuriate me. Sometimes I decide what I’ll post an hour before publishing. 

Whatever the subject, I can definitely say that if a company is paying for a trip, you’ll know about it. If I’m sharing a guest post, as I sometimes do, it’s because the professional offering the information has value to my readers, and not because I’m being paid to publish content or links. (I still don’t accept advertising, sponsorships or paid links, and I only take trips where I’m confident I’ll see interesting new products.) I may be a blogger and designer, but I’m also a professional member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, and a graduate of two serious journalism programs; I take ethics seriously.

Thank you for your readership! Here’s to the next 500 posts.

Design & Construction Week 2018 - Hot Trends from KBDN
Design & Construction Week - Cool Products at the Show from the San Diego Union-Tribune

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